Bronze Medal Sweep for German Mixed Teams
Ogden – 19 June 2012
The mixed team eliminations took place following the qualification round on Tuesday afternoon. The best two pairs in recurve and compound have qualified for the gold final that will be shot on Sunday. In the meantime Germany won the two 3rd places!
Recurve Mixed Team – 1/8
There were two major upsets in the first elimination round. No. 12 seed Canada shocked No. 5 Mongolia with a 147 to 141 upset. In the bout between No. 2 Mexico and No. 15 Poland things started off on track for the top seeded Mexican team. They shot a 37 to Poland’s 36. In the next two ends Poland gained a 4 point lead over Mexico shooting (38, 36) to (35, 35). In the final end Mexico shot a 37 but it was not enough to overtake Poland who shot a 35 to secure a one point victory. All other top seeded mixed doubles went on to quarterfinals.
Recurve Mixed Team – Quarterfinals
The match between No. 14 Poland and No. 7 Germany went down to the very last end. After three ends the score was tied at 103 points. In the last end Poland opened with two 10s to two 8s from Germany. Poland closed the match with an (8,7) to Germany’s (10, 7) for a 2 point victory of 138-136.
Recurve Mixed Team – Semifinals
The match between Russia and Japan was close until the final arrow. After three ends the score was tied at 111 points. In the last end both teams shot a 37, sending the match into a shoot-off. In the shoot-off Russia shot a 8,9 and Japan shot an 8,9. The judges measured both nines to determine which was closer to the center. After measuring they determined that Russia was closer and victorious.
Russia will face the team from USA in the gold medal match on Sunday. Japan will go onto face Germany for the bronze medal match.
Recurve Mixed Team – 3rd Place Match
In the bronze medal match Germany took an early lead over Japan shooting 37-35. Germany built on their lead in the second end shooting a 36-35. Japan fought back in the third end shooting a 37-36. In the last end Japan opened with 9, 10 to Germany’s 10,10. The final two arrows for Japan was a 9,9 with one of the 9s being very close to the 10 line. Germany shot a 9, 7 which meant if the 9/10 liner from Japan was called in the score would be tied. However the judges called the arrow out giving Germany a one point victory 145-144. 
Compound Mixed Team – 1/8
Italy the current mixed team world champion got a scare from the New Zealand team. New Zealand opened the match with a perfect 40 points for a one point edge over Italy’s 39 points. In the next end Italy responded with a perfect 40 of their own New Zealand shot a 39 to tie the match at 79 all. In the next end Italy took a one point advantage shooting a 39 to New Zealand’s 38 points. Italy opened the final end with an 8. New Zealand shot a 9 to tie the match. The match remained tied after the second arrow but Italy finished with (10,10) and New Zealand shot a (9,8). Despite New Zealand’s strong effort Italy was victorious winning the match 155 to 152. 
Compound Mixed Team – Quarterfinals
The first end of No. 1 USA vs. No. 9 Netherlands resulted in a tie at 38 all. In the second end Netherlands took a one point advantage shooting a 40 to USA’s 39. USA responded with a 40 in the next end but the duo from Netherlands would not be bested shooting another perfect 40. After two arrows everything looked good for the Netherlands who shot two 10s to USA’s (9,10). USA finished with a strong (10,9). The Netherlands had a minor gaffe shooting a (9,8) to send the match into a shoot off.
Irina MARKOVIC (NED) opened the shoot off with a low left 9. Erika Anschutz (USA) also shot a low left 9. Braden Gellenthien (USA) shot high 9 that was just out of the ten ring. Peter Elzinga (NED) closed out the shoot off with an X to clinch the upset victory.
Another upset took place in the match between Italy and Russia. The current world champions, Italy, trailed the entire match. With one end to go Italy was down two points (115-117). In the final end Russia shot a 40 over Italy’s 36 secure a 157-151 victory.  
Compound Mixed Team – Semifinals
The match between Netherlands and Germany was close right until the last end. Both teams opened with 40s. In the second end Netherlands shot a 38 to Germany’s 39. In the third end both teams shot a 39 giving Germany a one point advantage going into the final end. In the last end the Netherlands shot a 10,10,10,10 for a perfect forty. Germany could not keep pace shooting a 38 to give Netherlands a one point victory 157-156.
Netherlands will face Russia in the gold medal match on Sunday. Germany will face Mexico in the bronze medal match.
Compound Men Team – 3rd Place Match
Germany took the lead early and never let Mexico get close. With one end to go the score was 115-110 in the German’s favour. In the last end Mexico shot a 40 but so did Germany giving the German’s a 155-150 victory.
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